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Join the #SpendWithUkraine Movement: Support Ukrainian Products and Brands


Join the #SpendWithUkraine Movement: Support Ukrainian Products and Brands

Dozens of Ukrainian brands have come together for the #SpendWithUkraine initiative, aimed at promoting Ukrainian-made products and services to the world. On the SpendWithUkraine website, the companies are organized into eight categories including gadgets, products, education, creativity, lifestyle, fashion, home, and services.

Famous Ukrainian brands such as Petcube, Ajax Systems, Grammarly, Preply, Depositphotos, Reface, Awesomic and many others are featured on the website. The team behind the initiative, led by the startup Petcube, has also launched a campaign on ProductHunt and created a promotional video to raise awareness.

The aim of the #SpendWithUkraine initiative is to encourage foreigners to support the Ukrainian economy by purchasing products made in Ukraine. As co-founder of the design firm, Andrey Klen, says, “If you spend on Ukraine, you support the economy. Companies spend money to build and support the military.” He notes that while armies may win battles, economies win wars. By supporting the Ukrainian economy, we can help the country thrive and rebuild in these challenging times.

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