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Nintendo and Seattle Aquarium Merge Virtual and Reality with Animal Crossing Collaboration

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Nintendo and Seattle Aquarium Merge Virtual and Reality with Animal Crossing Collaboration

Seattle, WA – In an exciting blend of digital and physical realms, Nintendo has partnered with the renowned Seattle Aquarium to infuse the magic of Animal Crossing: New Horizons into the real-world marine experience. Running until December 31, 2023, this collaboration transports beloved characters from the popular game into the immersive setting of the Seattle Aquarium.

Enthusiasts like Caitlin Johnson have eagerly embarked on this unique adventure, where the lines between virtual gaming and reality blur. Large standees of iconic Animal Crossing characters are strategically placed throughout the aquarium, inviting visitors to engage with Blathers, the knowledgeable museum curator from the game. The collaboration also features an adorable Gulliver plushie, adding to the charm of the experience.

Situated in downtown Seattle, close to the famous Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium is renowned for its diverse exhibits that showcase the indigenous wildlife and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. Now, it has become a must-visit destination for Animal Crossing fans seeking a real-world connection to their favorite virtual universe.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons enthusiasts are well acquainted with the allure of its fully upgraded museum, particularly the sea-life section. The crossover with the Seattle Aquarium brings this virtual world into tangible existence. Caitlin Johnson’s visit, strategically planned on a tranquil midweek day, allowed her to relish the experience without the usual bustling crowds.

Upon entering the aquarium, a prominent banner featuring Animal Crossing characters welcomes visitors. Isabelle, a familiar face from the game, extends a warm greeting next to the “Window on Washington Waters” exhibit, highlighting local fish and plants from the Puget Sound and Salish Sea. The characters become part of visitors’ photo sessions, and Platinum Points can be earned through a My Nintendo account.

The aquarium’s interactive touch pools offer a hands-on experience with sea life native to tide pools. A digital QR code facilitates the download of an Animal Crossing bingo card, guiding visitors to identify real-life animals present in the game.

Navigating through the main hall, visitors encounter a mesmerizing moon jellyfish exhibit accompanied by educational placards. The tropical Pacific community exhibit features warm-water fish gracefully swimming through a man-made coral reef. Periodic appearances by Blathers on wall-mounted screens add an extra layer of information and charm to the aquatic adventure.

The aquarium’s sea-facing deck provides breathtaking views of Elliot Bay and nearby islands. The highlight, however, is the underwater dome, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the local aquatic life, creating an immersive experience.

Post-exploration, visitors can drop by the gift shop to receive a complimentary digital wallpaper from Timmy and Tommy, the shopkeepers in Animal Crossing. Despite some sold-out Animal Crossing merchandise during Caitlin’s visit, the gift shop offers an array of aquatic-themed keepsakes.

While the Nintendo collaboration adds an element of joy for Animal Crossing devotees, it’s crucial to note that the Seattle Aquarium’s primary focus remains on showcasing and preserving the local wildlife and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. The collaboration serves as an engaging supplement but not the sole reason to plan a visit to the aquarium.

In essence, the partnership between Nintendo and the Seattle Aquarium seamlessly blends the whimsical world of Animal Crossing with the tangible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Visitors not only have the chance to delve into marine life education but also to revel in the unique allure of the Animal Crossing universe within a real-world setting.

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