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Surveillance Video Captures Downtown Seattle Beating 

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Surveillance Video Captures Downtown Seattle Beating 

A deadly downtown beating in Seattle is shown in a newly released surveillance video. The person responsible for the beating is in custody and being charged with murder. Forty-eight-year-old Aaron Fulk and a 66-year-old victim can be seen initially speaking with each other. Fulk then took out a metal bar. It all ended with the death of the 66-year-old man.

The surveillance video shows a violent attack in downtown Seattle on Aug. 2. Fulk is seen being arrested a short time later. The attack happened on a busy street “in full view of a Seattle Police Department officer and several witnesses,” explained in the court documents.

A Seattle cop was in a patrol vehicle driving eastbound on Pike Street at about 3 p.m. on Aug. 2 when she heard the 66-year-old man yelling, “help me, help me.” Fulk told officers he beat the elderly man because “he was doing the devil’s work.” The officer saw Fulk raise a 3-foot-4-inch metal pull-up bar over his head in a downward manner to strike the victim, court documents state. The officer said the victim fell “motionless” to the ground when the suspect struck the victim on the side of his head.

Fulk is charged with first-degree murder. He remains in King County Jail, held on a $2.5 million dollar bail. His next court appearance is on September 8th. Police said the victim was unarmed and needed a walker to move around. He was 5-foot-6 and about 120 pounds, according to King County Prosecutors.

Emergency crews arrived to tend to the victim, who regained a pulse a few minutes after the attack, but remained unconscious. Court documents said the victim was at Harborview Medical Center in “grave” condition,” but a SPD blotter post said he died from his injuries.

Fulk did not show any remorse for the attack, according to officers at the scene. He was telling medics, “he’s crippled now, isn’t he?” He also allegedly said, “If I have to go to jail for it. I will,” and signaled his intention to kill him when he said, “I’m gonna kill him a million times over.”

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