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Seattle Pilots Electric Bike Lane Sweeper to Promote Sustainability

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Seattle Pilots Electric Bike Lane Sweeper to Promote Sustainability

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has launched an innovative pilot program to test an electric bike lane sweeper in the city’s protected bike lanes (PBLs). The program aims to promote sustainability, reduce emissions, and align with the city’s climate goals, including the objective of a 100% zero-emission, fossil fuel-free city fleet by 2030.

Key points of the program:

  1. eSwingo 200+: The pilot program involves testing the eSwingo 200+, a fully electric compact sweeper manufactured by Schmidt. The electric sweeper was rented for a six-month pilot after a successful test run in June 2023.
  2. Zero Emissions and Fossil Fuel-Free: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell’s goal is to transition the city fleet to 100% zero-emission, fossil fuel-free vehicles by 2030. The eBroomer Pilot Program is a step towards achieving this vision.
  3. Quiet and Efficient: The eSwingo 200+ can operate for ten hours on a single charge and requires eight hours for a full recharge. It offers a quieter option for cleaning PBLs compared to traditional street sweepers.
  4. Evaluation Objectives: The pilot program aims to evaluate the electric sweeper’s functionality, including sweeping demand, maintenance needs, charging time, charge hold, and durability in adverse weather conditions.
  5. Climate Impact Reduction: As short vehicle trips contribute significantly to climate emissions from transportation, maintaining debris-free and leaf-free PBLs is crucial to reduce the city’s climate impact.
  6. Inspiration from Other Cities: The pilot program draws inspiration from other cities’ experiences, particularly the City of Los Angeles, and is aligned with Mayor Harrell’s Transportation and Climate Justice Executive Order.

The Electric Street Sweeper Pilot Program is part of SDOT’s broader efforts to right-size and electrify the city’s fleet of vehicles and equipment, contributing to combatting climate change and creating a more equitable, climate-resilient city.

This initiative not only supports Seattle’s sustainability goals but also aims to enhance the safety and reliability of bike commuting options, encouraging more people to choose sustainable transportation alternatives.

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